Still going …

It seems that time will not stand still no matter how hard I try. So, here it is on the verge of November and I have posted very little on this blog, have piles of knitting and, well, let’s not talk cleaning and organizing and the rest of the things on my To Do list. I’m thinking it is less of a simple list and more like a scroll. I know you know what I am talking about here!

So here it is creeping up on November and the 400 knit things by the time I am 40 … let’s just say I am WAY behind but still plugging away. I have several items that I will post pictures of another time, but right now I am working on this hat in Plymouth Encore 0476, a neon yellow, hi-viz yarn. I am donating it for auction at my rowing club where hi-viz is always a plus. I also have a set of pogies (mitten-like hand warmers for when you are rowing) in the queue. All of these need to be finished by Halloween … along with Halloween costumes. Like I said … scroll. But I’m not complaining!

So what are you all knitting? I’d love to hear.


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