Yeah, one of those weeks …

It has been that kind of a week. You know the kind. The kind that totally kicks the stuffing out of you. You’re behind on Halloween costumes, your car gets stolen, that kind of stuff. So you decide to stay up late and get some knitting done. Do you A) knit on the hat that is largely done but for another inch or two of good old knit stitch, or B) knit on the pogie that has color work (something you’ve done only a few times before) and requires at least a modicum of brainpower? If you chose A you are probably nearly finished with the hat. If you are like me and picked B, you best set aside some time today to rip back a few rows.

Ahh well, the more you knit the better you get. Unless it is after 10 pm … then, no promises.

Best stitches~


One thought on “Yeah, one of those weeks …

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