Wooly Overwhelm

This morning I have awoken to a big wooly overwhelm. Could this have something to do with the approaching holidays and a, perhaps, insurmountable mound of holiday knitting that needs to be knit? Or is it my impending birthday bringing me a year closer to my 400 by 40 goal and leaving me with a feeling of being woefully behind? Is it all of the above? Probably.

So today I organize, I cast on, and I knit. And I keep things in perspective. I may not get all of my holiday knitting done. I may have to give a gift or two with a to-be-finished tag. I may be terribly behind on my 400 by 40 goal but, really, 400 is an arbitrary number so long as I keep knitting and keep giving. Or so I will keep telling myself. Have I mentioned my perfectionist tendencies? I haven’t? Well … never mind then.

Are you feeling crushed by the wool or are you breezing to an easy finish?

Best stitches~


Tiny Lantern

photo by Bowside Knits

Tiny Lantern photo by Bowside Knits

I posted my first pattern to Ravelry back in June. I’d wanted to do this for some time.

Tiny Lantern came about when I wanted to learn the Latvian Braid. I love it! I am truly a sucker for that seemingly complex but actually quite simple detail. WEBS has a great tutorial if you are a visual learner.

To date, 5 people have posted pictures of their completed Tiny Lantern hats. I can’t begin to tell you how exciting it is to see my pattern knit by someone else. I offer my pattern for free hoping that, in return, knitters will knit a hat for the charity of their choice or contribute a few dollars to the Save the Children fund I have set up through Crowdrise. Karma, yes?

I am working on my next pattern. Another hat. Yes, hat knitting may be part of my genetic code inherited from my maternal grandmother; she could knit a hat in her sleep!

Who inspires your knitting?
Best stitches~

Pogies … check. Hat … not so much.

Have I mentioned I am knitting a pair of pogies for a fundraising auction? Oh, I have? Well, you will be happy to hear that they are both done and warming their wool by the fireplace before I drop them off this evening. I used the pattern as is, other than the colorwork addition. It is a great pattern and sure to keep a fellow rower happy this winter.

Auction Pogies photo by Bowside Knits

Auction Pogies photo by Bowside Knits

As for the auction hat … have  you ever seen So I Married an Axe Murderer? Remember the scene with the giant cranium? Yeah, this hat would be too big for him. So, no auction hat this year. I will just frog the giant cranium cover and find something else to do with the highlighter yellow yarn.

What are you knitting … or frogging … lately?

Best stitches~