Tiny Lantern

photo by Bowside Knits

Tiny Lantern photo by Bowside Knits

I posted my first pattern to Ravelry back in June. I’d wanted to do this for some time.

Tiny Lantern came about when I wanted to learn the Latvian Braid. I love it! I am truly a sucker for that seemingly complex but actually quite simple detail. WEBS has a great tutorial if you are a visual learner.

To date, 5 people have posted pictures of their completed Tiny Lantern hats. I can’t begin to tell you how exciting it is to see my pattern knit by someone else. I offer my pattern for free hoping that, in return, knitters will knit a hat for the charity of their choice or contribute a few dollars to the Save the Children fund I have set up through Crowdrise. Karma, yes?

I am working on my next pattern. Another hat. Yes, hat knitting may be part of my genetic code inherited from my maternal grandmother; she could knit a hat in her sleep!

Who inspires your knitting?
Best stitches~


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