Wooly Overwhelm

This morning I have awoken to a big wooly overwhelm. Could this have something to do with the approaching holidays and a, perhaps, insurmountable mound of holiday knitting that needs to be knit? Or is it my impending birthday bringing me a year closer to my 400 by 40 goal and leaving me with a feeling of being woefully behind? Is it all of the above? Probably.

So today I organize, I cast on, and I knit. And I keep things in perspective. I may not get all of my holiday knitting done. I may have to give a gift or two with a to-be-finished tag. I may be terribly behind on my 400 by 40 goal but, really, 400 is an arbitrary number so long as I keep knitting and keep giving. Or so I will keep telling myself. Have I mentioned my perfectionist tendencies? I haven’t? Well … never mind then.

Are you feeling crushed by the wool or are you breezing to an easy finish?

Best stitches~


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