2014 Knitting

2014 Knitting

I thought I would do a brief catch-up post. Above are a few items I knit in 2014 for 400 by 40. I knit the three hats all from two balls of Cascade 220 Superwash that I had bought years ago to make a scarf. The two larger hats are both from the Scarlet pattern. The little hat is a Tiny Baby Ear Snuggling Hat. I just love the name and the pattern because, really, who doesn’t love to snuggle a baby! With all of the hats I believe I held the yarn double to get a bulky weight yarn.

The pattern and the yarn for the socks are unknown. The yarn may be Cascade Eco but no guarantees. I do remember that they were super quick to knit up.

I hope you all had a lovely weekend! Happy Monday!

Best stitches~


400 by 40 running total: 14

(Note: Each item I knit will count as one, even if it would typically be used as a pair. For example, a pair of mittens will count as two items.)

2 pogies

5 Knitted Knockers

5 hats (my own design)

2 socks


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