Knitting for Nepal

When something as incomprehensible as the earthquake in Nepal happens, we wish with all our hearts we could just do something. These fellow knitters (and I am sure there are more … I will add them as I see them or you can leave a comment below) are using their knitting powers for good and are raising money for organizations who have boots on the ground in Nepal. Once again, the power of two sticks and some string is amazing. Every stitch truly does matter.

Mystery Shawl for Nepal – proceeds to International Red Cross.

Winding trails for Nepal – free pattern with ask for donation to Global Giving. Also, it appears the proceeds from any of this designer’s patterns will go to Global Giving in the months of April and May.

Tiny Lantern – As always, my pattern is free. However, a small donation to Save the Children is always appreciated. (That is a link to my Crowdrise page. You can also donate directly here.).

Best stitches~



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