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In trying to knit 400 items for charity by age 40 (just over 2.5 years away) I have come across several wooly roadblocks, the largest being what I call “decision paralysis.” What yarn, what pattern, what needles?? And so time passes and I haven’t knit and the clock is ticking on my personal challenge, not to mention I get a little grumpy when I am not knitting (I was once told, “Let’s make sure you ALWAYS have something on the needles.” So true!).

When faced with a daunting challenge, even one of my own making, I can end up like that WIP at the bottom of your work basket that has sat idle for months (or years … I won’t tell). Until this week, when I had an epiphany of sorts. I’m not done with the first project until I have cast on the next project and started knitting. Using this technique I knit 4 Knockers and started a hat in just 4 days. If I only have time to cast off, I wait until I have time to cast off and start knitting the next project. This forces a decision and breaks the “decision paralysis!”

Do you have any tips or tricks to stay on task when knitting a large number of objects (Christmas comes to mind).

Best stitches~


400 by 40 running total: 20

(Note: Each item I knit will count as one, even if it would typically be used as a pair. For example, a pair of mittens will count as two items.)

2 pogies

9 Knitted Knockers

7 hats

2 socks


Knitting for Nepal – Update

Updated to show a new pattern addition and update on money raised.

When something as incomprehensible as the earthquake in Nepal happens, we wish with all our hearts we could just do something. These fellow knitters (and I am sure there are more … I will add them as I see them or you can leave a comment below) are using their knitting powers for good and are raising money for organizations who have boots on the ground in Nepal. Once again, the power of two sticks and some string is amazing. Every stitch truly does matter.

Mystery Shawl for Nepal – proceeds to International Red Cross. (according to Ravelry this raised $1500. KNITTERS ROCK!!)

Winding trails for Nepal – free pattern with ask for donation to Global Giving. Also, it appears the proceeds from any of this designer’s patterns will go to Global Giving in the months of April and May.

Tiny Lantern – As always, my pattern is free. However, a small donation to Save the Children is always appreciated. (That is a link to my Crowdrise page. You can also donate directly here.).

Mystery Socks for Nepal – All proceeds will go to Doctors Without Borders and the International Red Cross.

Best stitches~