The beginning is the end

Beach by Bowside Knits

Photo by Bowside Knits

In trying to knit 400 items for charity by age 40 (just over 2.5 years away) I have come across several wooly roadblocks, the largest being what I call “decision paralysis.” What yarn, what pattern, what needles?? And so time passes and I haven’t knit and the clock is ticking on my personal challenge, not to mention I get a little grumpy when I am not knitting (I was once told, “Let’s make sure you ALWAYS have something on the needles.” So true!).

When faced with a daunting challenge, even one of my own making, I can end up like that WIP at the bottom of your work basket that has sat idle for months (or years … I won’t tell). Until this week, when I had an epiphany of sorts. I’m not done with the first project until I have cast on the next project and started knitting. Using this technique I knit 4 Knockers and started a hat in just 4 days. If I only have time to cast off, I wait until I have time to cast off and start knitting the next project. This forces a decision and breaks the “decision paralysis!”

Do you have any tips or tricks to stay on task when knitting a large number of objects (Christmas comes to mind).

Best stitches~


400 by 40 running total: 20

(Note: Each item I knit will count as one, even if it would typically be used as a pair. For example, a pair of mittens will count as two items.)

2 pogies

9 Knitted Knockers

7 hats

2 socks


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