Five Happy Things

1. I found this super easy pattern for slippers to knit for 400 by 40. I have been knitting up the child size in an unlabeled brown yarn kicking around my stash. Bonus: stash busting! 

photo by Bowside Knits

2. Snowshoeing! So much fun! We took a day trip to find snow and it was such an amazing day.  I can’t wait to go back!

photo by Bowside Knits

3. This zippered bag (perfect for holding some knitting notions) that looks like a library date due card. I worked in a library through a good chunk of high school. Check out their website for other great literary-based gifts. Bonus: they donate a bit to charity for each purchase.  

photo by Bowside Knits


4. This hat used up the ends of two skeins and it was super quick and easy. Another hat to donate for 400 by 40. 

5.  Music. Thanks to my awesome husband I now have music (a radio) in the kitchen and it brightens up every day. 

Hope you are having a lovely week!

Best stitches~



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