Five Happy Things


  1. Embroidery scissors. I have loved these little bird scissors ever since I was small, watching my mom use them to snip threads after doing repairs on my stuffed animals. They were her Gram’s before that. I smile every time I use them! 
  2. Beginning again. I cast on another doll dress in a different color combination. Fun pattern but even more fun making someone else happy. 
  3. Acceptance. I have come to accept that my goal of 400 charity knits by the time I turn 40 is not realistically going to happen. Of course I will continue working toward my goal of 400 charity knits and be happy that I am doing what I can to keep others warm … it just may not happen until I have been 40 for a bit, or even 41. 
  4. Tasty reminder. Elderberry jam on toast. A special treat that reminds me of a recent trip to see family. 
  5. Vacation planning. We just made plans for a vacation later in the year. I can’t wait! Now what knitting will I pack? 

What is on your happy list this week?

Best stitches~


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