I Can’t Stop Saying “Stretchy”

If you bind off nice a loose, then kudos! I wish I knew your secret. I bind off so tight that I often go up 4 needle sizes to keep my stretchy rib knit as stretchy as I can. There is nothing worse than casting off and finding that your stretchy is no longer stretchy; like trying on pants that fit great until you try to button them and can’t. It can totally ruin the knitting zen.

I just completed the first knit-draft of a new pattern and decided to use Jeny’s Surprisingly Stretchy Bind-Off? Holy Genius!! How have we never met before dear JSSBO (as I hear you are affectionately called). My stretchy hat is still so very stretchy. In fact, it is so stretchy that, despite it’s toddler size, it stretched to fit my not-toddler-sized melon. Stretchy, stretchy, stretchy. Thank you Jeny!