Ode to The Local

My local yarn store is not just a store. Sure, they have an amazing selection of yarns and fabrics, needles and notions, but really it is so much more. It is an open space with wooden cubbies to nestle the yarn and they regularly tweak the displays a bit so it is always familiar yet not stagnant (note to try this in my own home!).

Tucked here and there are vintage sewing machines, which I love. There are knit samples perched on the tops of the cubbies and artfully hung around the store. There are tables and chairs to sit and knit or to look at pattern books. The ceilings are high and the space is lit well. A fireplace and I would never leave.

Then there are the people! They are lovely to talk with, always happy to help, or leave you to browse, and are just so welcoming. When I am in need of a little comfort I head there. Just walking in the door and taking a deep breath makes me feel better. They never make me take a number.