The Mysterious Stash

Yesterday’s post got me thinking about my yarn stash, modest though it is, and how I am trying to do some serious stash-busting with my 400 by 40 project. I know nearly every knitter has a stash but do we really set out to have a stockpile of yarn? I certainly didn’t. I live just 2 miles from a gorgeous yarn store that I would visit daily if at all practical. Just the presence of all of that yarn with its infinite possibilities calms me. Why would I need to keep a stash of yarn at home?

Personally, my stash grew of having more ambition than time. Not yet done with one project but shopping around for the next. Nearly every skein, cake, or ball of yarn was brought into my home with a purpose, a project, in mind. I know some knitters can’t resist a skein of gorgeous yarn and so will buy a little here and a little there without yet knowing its project destiny.

Then there is the minimalist knitter who only has yarn for their current work-in-progress. I don’t think this could ever be me but by the end of 400 by 40 I hope to be down to yarn for just a couple of projects.

I’m curious, did your stash grow through project over-planning like mine or is it more a collection of yarns you just couldn’t resist? Do you display it or hide it? Or are you the illusive minimalist knitter with only the yarn for your current project?

Best stitches~

400 by 40 running total: 14

(Note: Each item I knit will count as one, even if it would typically be used as a pair. For example, a pair of mittens will count as two items.)

2 pogies

5 Knitted Knockers

5 hats

2 socks