Five Happy Things


  1. We put up a basketball net in our driveway and we are having daily games. We are all having a lot of fun with it and the weather is beautiful right now. 
  2. Late last night (well, early if you are 20-ish, late if you are nearly 40-ish) I fulfilled a promise to make gingerbread scones. Lovely to wake up to a delicious breakfast treat this morning.
  3. I finished knitting a pair of slippers and they were quickly absconded with; they literally walked off. I immediately cast on for another pair for charity. 
  4. The Easter Bunny brought Susan B. Anderson’s latest book Kids’ Knitting Workshop to our house and I love looking at all of the great projects. 
  5. I made Vegan Brunch’s East Coast Coffee Cake for Easter and it reminded me of many a happy Easter spent with my grandparents. For years I thought they ate coffee cake for breakfast every morning.